"Repair component connections" does not work

Original sin: component was moved to another file before publishing, thus not triggering the “move components” flows

Later sin: replaced component instances by searching for that other published component.

Current problem: Components within this component show “restore component” but the outermost one is good to go and being populated by the other file.

What do any of the three “repair” functions do if not this?

Praying for the rise of FigJam

UPDATE: This all didn’t work because I replaced the component using the side-drawer. I got it to work by selecting all instances and replacing them with a copied version of the component. Anyways, this was terrible. I’ve got too much on my plate to be debugging files.

Hey there, glad to hear you figured out how to get it to work in the end!

We hear you and understand your frustation though. We’ll pass this onto our team to help improve the experience in the future.