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Reorganize comments & expand functionality for view-prototype-only users

When there are more comments in the panel, it get’s messy really quick at the moment.

What would be nice:

  1. Having the option to organize comments in folders. Why? Some comments aren’t relevant for the moment they were written, but for the future (f.e. for development or the backlog). It’s easier to move them to a specific folder, then just let them stay unresolved for a long period of time. That would be help to stay focused on the relevant comments, especially if you can hide/show the folders as you prefer.

  2. Having the option to access all comments in a nice overview also when having rights to access the prototype only. Why? People who usually don’t use Figma are often overwhelmed when they see the whole interface of it. As an agency we therefore often just share designs with limited rights with our client. At the moment they then don’t have an overview of all comments made and they start to wonder if they have already dropped a comment or not. They usually end up screenshoting the design, dropping it into a PowerPoint and writing comments on it - nobody want’t that :wink: . It would be nice to have a minimal panel in the prototype interface for the clients to see all comments made (as InVision use to have it) without having to see the actual Figma editing interface.