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Reordering variant properties isn't discoverable

I spent quite some time this morning trying to figure out how to re-order the properties of a variant. In Sketch, the order is usually tied to layer order, so I checked that - nope. Then I figured maybe I just drag + drop, but when I hovered over the property, the cursor became a text-edit cursor, so I couldn’t drag. After many more experiments, a co-worker helped me stumble on the tiny little hover target where you can move the cursor to display a grab bar and then drag + drop works.

I noticed that the help doc for variants says you can reorder, but doesn’t say how:

Reorder properties in the Variants section of the right sidebar.

This grab bar makes sense, but the hover target is so small that I didn’t notice it for the first several attempts. Could the grab bar display when you hover over other parts of the property in the sidebar? That way you’d at least see it show up and know it’s something to potentially grab.

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