Reordering of Collections

Hi there,

I’m exploring how the new Variables and Collections features integrate with the design systems I’m currently working with. Part of the workflow requires me to scroll through a list of variables to select one (color variable in this case) I want. I’ve tried adding a special character at the beginning of my Collection name to see if that changes the order but it doesn’t. It would be nice to be able to reorder Collections so that gets reflected in the color styles dropdown.

I have all my colors in one collection, then I am able to reorder the groups as needed. Modes are light and dark.

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I’m adding primitive and semantic color styles into separate collections at the moment. I could put them in one but would rather not. How are you structuring your variables?

My primitives are in the same collection, yes, just a sub folder called pool. Then I make it the last folder. You can individually hide colors from publishing but not bulk yet, so its not practical. Putting last is second best option. Maybe someone will come up with a plugin.

I see. I prefer to put my primitives in a separate collection because I’ll be setting them once and don’t want to update them frequently as others. This is also done in the Figma tutorials they’ve posted on Youtube. Figma tutorial: Intro to variables - YouTube Feel like they should support re-ordering of collections if they’re structuring this way.

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Hi @BtotheMoon,

Thanks for suggesting this. I’m running into the same situation often.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and move my primitives collection to a different file and see how that works…