Rename “Drafts” to “My Stuff” or something similar

I need a place to put random design files that I don’t want to be part of my Organization’s Teams, but are also not in “draft” mode because they are finished.

For example, I have a file where I created a few Zoom backgrounds. I don’t want to create a “Team” for this. Also, it’s possible I may create files for fun things like when my company has a Hackathon and maybe I create a fun logo for it, again I don’t want to create a Team and share that with my whole org, nor does it need comments for feedback or prototyping features as something would make sense for in a Team/Project.

I don’t have the fear of other people seeing my unfinished work, which is what the title “Drafts” seems to be for. Just name it something where we identify it as “mine” regardless of what “state” it’s in. I need a place to put things I never intend to “share” with a team but I don’t want it to feel forever “unfinished”. Thanks!

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