Remove "try it out" from the Plugins menu

To everybody who is now stucked with unwanted but installed plugins – it is still possible to delete installed plugins.

How To:

  • Go to and click on your profile/avatar in the top right corner
  • Now click on plugins
  • A modal window will show up and list all your installed plugins
  • To show more options click on the meatball menu icon (the three dots)
  • Click on Remove from saved plugins
  • :white_check_mark: Congrats, you’re done!

But yeah, it should still be possible to install/uninstall plugins directly from the community tab. Why not add the Try out Plugin feature as a secondary option? Would be a much better UX.

Additional note:
You also can uninstall plugins within Figma itself, by navigating to the plugins tab, open the unwanted plugin and click on the meatball menu icon to show more options. There you should be able to remove or uninstall it.

Agree. totally confusing

super confusing and hard to remove or uninstall plugin, please

Agreed. I am new to Figma and even figuring out how to install a plugin requires google searching for user-provided information…? I feel like the irony regarding the lack of intuitive UI design here (HERE!) is baffling. Isn’t this where designers come to make beautiful, functional content? It’s almost funny. If it weren’t the night before a project is due in my bootcamp. :sob:

Oookay, I’m, new to figma and how plugins work and how to install them was kinda confusing to me. especially since the UI guides you throw the “community” but all it does is create a new empty project (try it out) and basically all the installing/uninstalling is done via the “resources” menu-panel. Overall I think the functionality is ok, but needs to be communicated a bit clearer, especially with all the “old” tutorial content out there.

This helped.