Remove Figjam Annual Editor Seats


As my team member accidentally moved her personal FigJam file into our team project, I tried to remove editor seats but inadvertently added 3 annual FigJam editor seats with no way to remove them.

Do you guys know how can I remove those 3 seats or the only way is to wait for Figma support?

I think it’s related to this topic:

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Hi @Linh_Ho ,
While it’s not possible to remove FigJam as a feature completely, you can restrict your current team’s usage of it by downgrading team members’ roles to “Viewer - restricted.” This would keep users from editing or creating new FigJam files in the team.

Moving a member from Editor to viewer-restricted would remove them from the billing.

For more information, please check out these Help Center articles:

Hope it helps!

No, my problem is the annual roles, that I added by mistake, not the monthly added roles. I find no place to remove it by myself.

So I had to contact support and go through with them to remove it. It’s a bit strange UX in my opinion though.

Figma is go to app of designer but they fail to recognised they miss a critical piece in their user flow.

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Glad to heard it’s been fixed! Thanks for your feedback.

@Linh_Ho I got the same issue. I originally have 2 editor accounts and I wanna add 3 more. Then I click 3 additional seats. End up they charge me for 7 and shows 7 editor seats in total in ‘Billing’ page. May I know where to contact support? I click the help button and it’s auto reply with some article suggested.

I just go and choose contact support in the help widget. The Articles is not helpful too

They will email reply you and manual reduce the total editor seats in their side?

Yes sir, the customer support agent is quite helpful indeed.

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