Remove a "try it out" plugin from the Plugins menu

In Figma Community > Plugins, instead of “Install” the plugins now say “Try It Out.” I’ve read the help on this, and I still don’t understand the difference between “Try It Out” and “Install.” Both Installed and Try It Out plugins are available to all of my files, regardless of whether they are drafts or team files.

That confusion aside, how do I remove a plugin that I’ve “tried out” from the Figma Plugins menu? E.g., I tried one out, but I didn’t like it, and I no longer want to see it in my list of plugins. (I’m referring to the list of plugins directly in the plugins menu, not in the “Installed Plugins” submenu.)


Agreed! I initially thought the Try It Out thing was a bug since it creates a blank file to try the plug in on. (Which doesn’t always make sense because many plug-ins depend on you having the file populated already).

I preferred the old install experience because it was easier to keep track of what I actually used. If I tried out 10 different Contrast plugins and didn’t like 9 of them I could just uninstall rather than what we have now.


I’m so confused. Does “Try it out” mean “Install and open a blank Figma file to test out the plugin”? Or is the plugin not installed? It’s doubly confusing because one of my plug-ins just put up a paywall, so I thought this was some sort of new freemium trial feature that Figma’s rolling out.


This functionality is super confusing. I also prefer the old experience. It’s so much faster to simply Install and then try it rather than creating a new file every time.
More problematically: With some plugins (as I just tried with Avatars), if you click anywhere on the page (i.e. to create a shape), it closes the plugin dialog and there is now no way to try it. This is beyond dumb.


Remove “Try it out”, ridiculously confusing


Have to agree.

Has anyone found a way to remove the “Try it out” plugins in the menu? I’d love to not see them anymore.


same issue, I hoep thay will fix it. Bad experience, I have my plugin menu very messy.


Yes please give us a way to manage installed plugins, my plugin menu s getting crowded

+1 this new ‘Try it out’ is such a confusing experience, prefer the old one!