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"remote" color style help

Someone (possibly me :’) ) accidentally removed a style from a huge (library) file. When I click on objects that I had this color style applied it shows the hex code in fill, AND the defined (accidentally deleted) style in “selection colors” - even though that style is nowhere to be found in the file… I tried the Style Organizer plugin, but it says that style is now “remote”, but I have no idea where or how I can find it; and I cannot seem to consolidate it. I don’t know how to fix, please help :s

^ This file is linked to multiple other files as a library, but does not make use of other libraries itself (all toggles are set to “off”)

Select everything (cmd/ctrl + a), go to Selection Colors and detach this style, then apply it again.

P.S. The toggles in libraries don’t affect what’s attached or not, they simply show which libraries to search when applying the style.

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It’s a file with 20+ pages, an entire UI design library, and literally hundreds of components… :frowning: Manually detaching and relinking to a new color was a huge pain in the ass, and now the newly recreated color does not get pushed to the other files :s