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Release of middle mouse button paste text from clipboard

When I release the middle mouse button it paste text from clipboard. Very strange and annoying. Why and how can I get rid of it? Using Firefox 79 on Ubuntu 20.04.

Edit: I can use Spacebar + Left click and Hold to pan instead. No text is pasted.



The problem is the middle paste option in Firefox.
To turn it off do as follow:

  1. open a new tab
  2. type: about:config
  3. Accept the prompt
  4. type middlemouse.paste
  5. change value “true” to “false” (double click or switch on the rightside)
  6. restart firefox

Good luck :wink:


I don’t think this is a solution, or at least not a solution for those who use the middlemouse.paste function elsewhere.

I don’t usually expect to paste text onto a board without a text cursor somewhere inside a text area. The automatic creation of the text area is quite surprising to me.

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That solution works, but it will disable all middle-click paste functionality in whole Firefox on all sites! So this breaks filling inputs and other form items in Firefox globally. Is there any way to disable this only for Figma website?

And why in Chromium browsers middle-click paste works right in Figma to scroll, and as paste on other fields?

For example, in Draw-io (Diagrams-Net app) - mouse scroll with middle click works right on Firefox and on Chromium too without pasting. So seems this is a bug in some Figma frontend JS code.

Is there any ideas how this bug can be fixed in Figma, without disabling middle-click paste globally in Firefox?

And solution on Figma side can be simple - don’t accept paste after releasing middle mouse button, if there is drag mode enabled.