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Release Notes (May 12)

Hey all! Hope you’re having a great May so far. Here’s what’s changed since the last release:


  • Fixed bug where “change to” connections would persist when dragging components out of a component set.


  • Additional performance improvements for hover states in large prototypes.
  • Major load time improvements for files with many component instances or boolean operations.

Interaction functionality:

  • Fixed bugs where overlays didn’t open or opened in the wrong position when triggering an “open overlay” interaction on a hoverable interactive component.
  • Fixed bug where nested overrides wouldn’t be preserved correctly when changing interactive component variants.


  • Interactive components may automatically change fonts in order to layout correctly in certain settings if the original font is inaccessible (known issue: some shared fonts may have issues).
  • Hotspot hints will no longer be displayed for “hover”, “press”, or “after delay” interactive component interactions.

As always, your feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Please feel free to message me privately or reply to this thread. Thank you!


First @Remus_Baltariu :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: And great update Andrew, thanks :raised_hands:

You got me :laughing: @Shane. Great update @Andrew_Chan. I think that by component set you’re referring to Variants, right?

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Maybe it’s a good idea to have pinned to the top the latest update to this feature.
It’s confusing to see the other two pinned at the top. Or maybe we’re missing something.