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Release Notes (April 14)

Hey folks!

Some of last week’s patches were moved to this week. Here are the release notes:

  • You can now override existing “change to” interactions on instances or add new ones.
  • UI improvements for the “change to” interaction panel to make it easier to select a destination variant.
  • Fixed stutter during hover interactions in some large prototypes
  • Various performance improvements for all interactive component interactions
  • Fixed bug where image fill overrides would go blank momentarily when changing interactive component instances in presentation mode
  • Fixed emojis disappearing when changing interactive component instances in presentation mode

As always, your bug reports and feedback are appreciated. You can reply to this post directly or start a new topic in the forum!


Thank you so much for keeping us all updated! Really loving interactive components and what we’re now able to build :raised_hands:

Question, any updates/movement on this bug? Text Override doesn't work on nested variants with interactive components

We have some many components like this, using nested interactive components to create mutually-exclusive selections, that I’m getting nervous about whether or not it will actually be supported or if we’ll need to plan on sticking with the existing system of creating complex prototyping logic trees to handle things like Radio Button groups.

(Also, not sure if it’s clear from that other thread, but ALL overrides don’t seem to work, not just text)

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I second the post from @nwhitson, I’m holding back on architecting out a design system based this point. It would be good to know if nested overrides are going to be supported so we can proceed one way or another.

Hi @nwhitson - that’s definitely a bug! Thanks for the report. Nested overrides should indeed be supported. We’re looking into it.


I’m actively viewing the Release Notes on a daily basis just to see what are the updates. Keep it up, people! You’re doing an awesome job! :clap:

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That makes two of us! :smiley:

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