Relative / absolut position in auto frames?

Is there a way to relative or absolute positing shapes in auto frames?
I want an offset underline effect on text in a auto frame but it keep wanting to treat it as a frame section.

There’s a known “hack” to that, basically if you have your auto layout, yo create a frame inside, and set its width (or height, depending on your auto layout orientation) to 0,001 this will set the frame as if had 0 width, now within that frame you can place any element and is gonna be relative to that frame, but still behave to the overall auto layout mechanism.

Hope I was clear!

will give it a try! thanks… I wish they aligned figma tighter to CSS behavior.

How I ended up fixing this… is I create a separate word outside the cavas… then drew a box under the word. then dragged and dropped the word on top of the sentence while holding the space bar… so the same word with the new treatment is laying on top of the sentence.

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