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Reflect library updates on the child branch

I was working on a branch file and needed an update on the component which from a library file. I tried updating the library but it not reflected in the child branch.

Just to be clear… here’s what I’m understanding from your post.

  1. Library file A has components in it.
  2. File B uses those components.
  3. You branch file B.
  4. You update file A and publish it.
  5. You are not prompted to update the branch of file B.

Is that correct?

Yup. That’s correct. A scenario will be like the design system team is releasing an update while I’m still working on my branch.

Hello -

Are updates also not available if you manually go to the library modal?

(Menu → Libraries → in modal, click ‘Updates’ tab)

@Sho_Kuwamoto Its working now. Sorry for the trouble.

I updated a style in a file A.
Created a branch from file B
Updated the style in file A and it shows in file B as updates.