Reduce RAM usage

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Problem: Figma uses too much RAM. Launch Activity Monitor and you notice Figma is the top app in Memory usage.

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There’s already plenty of threads about opening Figma and already using all the available RAM. Do a search in the forums and there’s a lot of comments about it using too much RAM and making the computer slow down. Even closing down files doesn’t seem to do much for reduce RAM usage.

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Some common tips are: Remove hidden layers, clean up the file, remove unnecessary stuff, make everything a component, reduce image resolution, etc.
But, still after doing all of that, Figma just uses too much RAM.

Same here. I hate having my memory pressure constantly yellow - only because of Figma. 10GB of ram having 3/4 files opened. That’s kinda crazy. I love Figma, but that’s way too much RAM usage.


Yes! In the beginning Figma was lean, and a very nice alternative to Sketch, but it has become very bloated and slow.
I have an external GPU with 8GB of RAM which helps, but it doesn’t matter if I reduce the file size, Figma still takes a lot of RAM, and have to constantly close files because of this.

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Bug still present.

… bug still

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