Red lines and Blue gaps

I would like to be able to toggle on/off the Red Line and Blue Gap layout measurements currently only available via Shortcut keys in Inspect Mode.

Ex. If I could select 20 objects/layers and toggle on a measurement overlay that shows values on the object that would be a massive help in design/dev handoff. The problem is developers don’t like to use inspect mode because they have to hover and click objects to get a singular selected object measurement. I think it would be much more useful to be able to use the entire view as a reference with measurements showing over the whole design.

The only alternative is to create new layers and manually add each measurement into the design. This manual way of visualizing design measurements is VERY tedious and becomes part of the file layers. Why make the designer spend hours in handoff documenting spacing when we already have this data in Figma but it’s kept behind a click/hover + Shortcut key one object at a time. This would ADD HUGE VALUE in time saved for a lot of design teams/orgs.

Other items such as object dimensions, line height, spacing, font size etc, and other layout measurements would be great too! I would love for this data to be persistent (upon toggle) directly overlaying the design.


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