Recover teams memberships and drafts when a user is reactivated

When Figma users are deactivated, their drafts are deleted and placed into Shared projects.
They’re also removed from any teams they were a part of.

When the user is reactivated or reinvited to the Figma org, they do not automatically get access to their deleted drafts, or rejoin the teams they were a part of.

As an organization with a large number of co-ops / interns that return on a regular basis, this is a very manual process for the IT team to support our employees.

Please consider automatic reassignment of drafts, and teams, or at least offer a way to perform these actions in bulk.

I have to follow up and state that we’re experiencing this because we’re using Okta and SCIM provisioning.
I’m not sure if this occurs when manually deactivating and reactivating users in Figma, but we are unable to dedicate a team member to do all of that manually.

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