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Just went through someones public component library file (auto layouts flexible inputs) with auto layout. It was a bunch of form fields with many variations…

I almost died, It was nearly perfect technically… but totally unusable in practice/real life. It was nearly just a piece of art. I almost died, it made me feel like I’ve never even opened Figma before in my life.

What do you guys do to cope with this? Like, is everyone doing all that and I’m the odd person out???

I’ve seen full blown design libraries from major companies at they aren’t “like that” so to speak.

I don’t even know what to feel, im just exhausted looking at the file, it would take me a week to even figure it all out to where I’m confident with it. It was legit perfect, but totally un-usable in real life it seems.

Just want to see if I’m the only one who feels like this…orrrrrr what?

i’m curious, why did you think it was unusable?

In “real life” - I haven’t come across a company that has dedicated enough time to create one, get everyone on board in using it once its created, and or poor attempts at making sure it is kept up to date. Personally I always hit a roadblock due to limitations of the software such as Figma or Sketch when it comes to creating more elaborate nested components that eventually make up page templates. But hey, that’s why we work with developers.

There’s a line and a balance that needs to be hit between complexity and functionality.

I agree that everyone should take more time and have more dedication, however the UX part of this would say to admit this level of standard is too high to be realistically applicable and come up with a solution that does work.

Can always revisit or try to increase as things go, but if I open a file and feel daunting and fear, then this is the wrong “level” so to speak, could you pass it to someone else and could they pick it up within 30 minutes and work with it? Could someone quickly and easily make changes etc….?

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