Re-registration of a paid team

Colleagues, I paid for my paid version of Figma, but it turned out that the payment goes not to your account to which the mail is assigned, but to the teams that are created and attached to this account, and so it turned out that I had a team created but not by me, the owner is completely different and Now. I don’t know how to create my own team, Figma is asking for money again, and I don’t want other owners to see my projects. for this I bought a subscription, is it possible to somehow re-subscribe to another team in Figma? or refund. I didn’t need to pay for other people’s teams, I only need mine. This path was extremely incomprehensible

@Nikita_Peshkov In your case, I think the subscription you have can be adjusted or refunded if needed – unfortunately, I can’t look into the specifics of your account or process any billing changes on my end directly.

Would recommend filing a billing ticket with our support team here as soon as possible.

Sorry for any confusion that came from this!