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Re-Choreographing Support Responses

As a user who shoots off product questions all the time, upon receiving a response from Support, I really REALLY want to be provided with my original question so I can be reminded of what the conversation is all about. Probably over half the responses I get back are confusing to me because my original question is nowhere to be seen, and I just don’t remember what the heck we’re talking about. It’s not that my question wasn’t important enough for me to remember it; reading a response and not being able to decipher what my original question must have been is a matter of most responses getting to me 96 hours+ after I’ve shot it off, and by then I’ve already slapped some duct-tape onto the problem for a dirty and cumbersome fix, and now my brain is way WAY off in another direction, occupied with trying to figure out new problems. It’s the equivalent of having my busted-up boat engine littered with 19 different duct-tape jobs that still need to be properly fixed if I’m ever gonna be able to escape being stranded on this lonely desert island, writing a question about each problem onto a scrap of paper, shoving them each into a bottle, casting them out into the ocean, and then, within the vague window of seven to nine years later, finding those same bottles again washing up on the shore with responses inside yet missing their original questions leaving me baffled with zero context.
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” :persevere::exploding_head::weary::sob::disappointed::dizzy_face:

When re-choreographing how Support-responses will perform, please PLEASE automatically program our original questions to appear in quotes, and program the Support person’s response to automatically be positioned just below our quoted question, ready to go in a satisfying red, blue, or green font. :grin::sunglasses::cat2:

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