Quickly see flow relevant to a common frame (aka logical module)

In prototype mode, I want to quickly see all frames relevant to the selected frame in a large flow (i.e. Parent(s) and all connected descendants to the selected frame)

I love the fact that you can click on a frame in prototype mode and all the flow lines not relevant to that frame disappear. Being able to route flow lines in a more organized way is one thing Zeplin does visually better (but better takes a lot more of my time and 25% increment scaling and their limit of 250 frames eliminates that advantage… because while they have the concept of variants you can’t really use them to flow)

My suggestion is to not only make the non relevant flow lines disappear BUT also make non relevant frames disappear (or at least change their opacity to 10% or even blur them).

And second, define relevant as not only the IMMEDIATE parent(s)/children of the selected frame, But also ALL descendants of the the selected frame.

And as soon as the user tries to create a new flow line from a component, bring all the frames back into focus (100% opacity).

This would help the dev/product manager quickly define sprint/dev tasks AND where they overlap other objects/modules. This would benefit both procedural (aka functional) or object oriented coding.

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