Quick pull PNGs from Preview bar

One thing I REALLY miss about Sketch was the ability to select an Artboard and drag and drop the preview PNG from the bottom right corner.

Why - Because It made communication via Slack and other platforms much more easy. I could throw the concept together, grab, drag, drop, send.

With the current design, if I want to send someone a preview image I have to select the artboard, click export, select the destination location, select send, change screens, find my export, drag, drop, send.

Use the Copy as PNG function.

Heyyy, that’s not a bad alternative but I still prefer the way Sketch does it.

  1. I don’t have to click on anything
  2. I don’t have to look at my keyboard to command shift C.
  3. Highlighting multiple Artboards on Figma - command shift C pastes them as 1 single JPEG
  4. Figma already has the positioning for the preview image in place. Pure benefit without the cost of screen real-estate

But thank you for this. Even this made my life a whole lot easier.

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