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Quick components - MacOS Menu Item for mapping to a keyboard shortcut

Does the Quick Components (Shift+I) have a menu item in the Figma macOS app? I want to remap the default Shift-I to an F-key. I use the left shift key predominantly, and I find the I is too far away to do Shift+I one handed so I want to map the keys in Mac Keyboard Shortcuts.

To do this, I need the exact Menu name in the Figma macOS, but I can’t seem to find it

There is no menu item but you can easily remap the shortcut using Better Touch Tool or Keyboard Maestro. They are both super powerful apps similar in functionality (BTT can also use trackpad gestures).

Ah amazing thanks @Gleb! Would also be rad to have a menu item “Show quick components” under the View menu on macOS if that’s a possibility :relaxed:

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