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Question : how create a resizable "window" with constant frame size?

Hey there,
I’m looking for a way to create a frame (like the one you can put on you wall for real). I need this frame resizable, but I need to keep the frame width constant.

For example, if I create 2 stacked rectangles and apply a substract boolean operation, it works quite well.

But if I resize this frame, not only the inner area is resized but also the frame width itself. And I don’t want the size of the frame itself to be resized. Here is a probably clearer explanation :

Any idea how to do this? Thanks.

You can achieve this in several ways.

Method 1:

  • Create a frame;
  • Add a stroke of the desired size.

Method 2:

  • Create a frame;
  • Create another frame inside the first one and resize it;
  • Set the “Left and right” and “Top and bottom” constraints for the inner frame.
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Hi, thanks for the help.

  1. I see

  2. Seems interesting, by after some tries, I can’t figure how to make it work. Look.

Is there something I don’t do correctly ?

You needed to set these constraints for the frame with white fill.

There is no such white frame. It’s an empty space made form a substract of 2 rectangles.

You can duplicate my file:

Fantastic :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot.

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