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Querying for a person's projects or teams via API

At Slapdash, we have built a unified, low-latency file system for your cloud apps. We built a neat way to interface with Figma, letting you quickly search and open any file Spotlight-style (bonus: directly inside the Figma desktop app if you have it installed).

However, our Figma integration is the clunkiest (save for Notion, which doesn’t have a public API). Before someone can do anything with Figma on Slapdash, they have to complete a manual step where they paste a URL of their team or project. That’s because we can’t query for available projects or teams programmatically with the Figma API – and to query for files, you can only do so in context of a team / project.

I’m not sure if anyone on the API team reads this , but are there plans for adding endpoints to query for a person’s projects or teams? Anyone workarounds, secret APIs or incantations available?

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