Push content in auto layout

I’m trying to design a header with content inside where every type of content pushes the other depending on its size. You can compare it with a website header that has a logo and a menu besides it. When the logo becomes longer, the menu besides moves along. The content I’m using is a mix of icons and text. I can’t seem to figure out the correct setting in my autolayout/constraints. In the image you can see what I mean. Depending on the name and logo, the content besides (filters) should be pushed to the side which also applies for the content in the filter itself.

I think I just answered my own question. I just added the squadname to the filter layout and that seems to do the trick I need. :smile:

Or maybe just not yet! I want to create different spacing between the squadname and the filters but I can’t seem to do that. That’s why I wanted the 2 separated. What could do the trick? Thx

Hard to diagnose without seeing your layer stack but it looks like your parent frame (the thing that contains your 2 separated parts) doesn’t have Auto Layout turned on.

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