Purchasing subscription

I work at a startup and we are just building a team. We have 2 designers and an intern who is interning with us for 2 months. If I get we organisation plan and the intern doesn’t join for a full time role later, can we allot that seat to a different mail id or is the seat associated with that articular mail id?

Hi @Rishab

TL;DR: yes you can

You pay for the number or editors seats there are on your organization at a given time. You may change who has one and who hasn’t at any time from the the member tab of the Admin Settings view as shown below

So if one member of the team leaves the company and their company mail id gets closed, the seat becomes empty to be alloted to someone else? Or will we need to buy another seat for another account?

Yes you will be able to give it to someone else

Note: We won’t issue a prorated refund when you downgrade a user to a free seat. However, someone else at your company can use the paid seat once it becomes available.
— source: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041061034-Manage-billing-on-the-Professional-plan#h_01HGVEC2V1HRK60DSBC9Q4ZD3F