Pulling hair: component instance has prototype link back to master, argh -_-

Hey y’all, I’m trying to solve a problem that is driving me up the wall, and I can’t seem to get it sorted.

I have a number of components with variants. I have prototype connections linking the variants. I then make an instance of the component, and I can stick it into a larger prototype. When I play the prototype and interact with the instance, it changes state. With me so far, yeah? Pretty normal stuff.

However. However. I have one component with variants, with these prototype connections, which is behaving badly.

When I make an instance of this component, e.g. by dragging from the Assets panel… it will show a prototype connection back to the master component! This is only occurring with this one component, and I cannot figure out why on Earth it’s happening. Really pulling my hair out. I should have walked away but am being stubborn. -_-

Below you can see the instance on the right. You can also see this errant prototyping connection back to the master component for some reason. And if I use this instance in a larger prototype, it simply doesn’t work.

I bet this has a really simple answer but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Much :heart: for any assistance!

Hi everyone and myself as well. Solved this. Ahhhhahaha how silly.

For anyone else that stumbles across this mix of keywords in the future:

I did not realize that the onDrag connections in my component’s variants were set to Navigate, not Change. Just an oversight from cranking out so many of these components.

Select your connections, change them from Navigate to Change. Done.

Sigh. T____T

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