Publishing different versions of libraries to all / the team


Can anyone confirm the below is true or false?

Figma library on question is currently published to “Everyone in {org name}”.

I need to make some changes to one library, publish it to JUST our Design System team to use in another library branch, make changes to that too and them publish both to entire org at the same time.

What I would like clarification on is if I make some changes and publish to “Everyone in {team name}” this creates essentially two versions of the released library…

To everyone in the team they can see the private version, to the rest of the org they can still see the previously released version?

My worry here was that because of the language it was unclear if publishing to “Everyone in {team}” was changing the permissions of the library and will remove it from the org (only available from the team) and I don’t want to risk it until I know for sure.


I just ran a test and this worked in the opposite way from what I expected.

Publishing to “Everyone in {team}” did not create a second “staging” release for our team only, it unpublished it from the rest of the organisation.