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"Publish x changes" buttons inaccurately represent the next step of the publishing process, and dissuade publishing

The ability to selectively publish is useful, but the inaccurate button labels makes it difficult to get to this feature. Every button in the publishing experience implies the library is going to be published when I click it, even when there’s steps between me and publishing. This dissuades publishing since it feels all-or-nothing, even though selective publishing can help me choose only the updates that are ready to go.

Current experience:
If my objective is to publish 1 of the possible 10 changes I’ve made to my library and avoid 9 design-breakers, this experience implies I’m publishing 10 of 10 changes until the very last screen, where I’m finally offered a way to change that number and actually publish 1 update. In the past I’ve backtracked at that first button and aimed to get all 10 updates ready for publishing, but this doesn’t scale well to a design system. Note that I don’t click the first “publish 10 changes” button and instead I click the surrounding container because I’m avoiding that scary button :scream:, not because I want to see what’s changed and stayed the same.

Now I’m looking at this closely, the ellipsis is trying to communicate there’s more to be done before publishing happens, but it contrasts weirdly to the specificity of the 10.

To summarize: If I want to publish 1 change, I don’t want to proceed down any path that implies I’m publishing all 10 changes. I want only the button that actually sends updates to use the word “publish”, so I feel in control of that key moment. If there’s a step between me publishing, I want buttons to represent the upcoming step (e.g. select updates), not the final act of publishing.