Publish Library is suddenly extremely slow

I’ve got a Design System file which I use to publish my components to a main design.

After some pretty benign changes across several components, it now takes a couple minutes for the list of changed assets to populate & another several minutes for the compile & publish step to go through. For long chunks of time, this panel is entirely unresponsive and clicking Publish or Cancel doesn’t do anything.

How can I troubleshoot to identify what is causing this?

EDIT: Steps I’ve tried so far - logging out, clearing cache, using desktop app instead, attempting to undo the changes I’d made (not sure I did all of them, it’s hard to work in the file since it’s suddenly very unresponsive in general).

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…randomly faster a couple hours later :man_shrugging:

Hi @Colin_Fogle ,
Glad to hear it works now!

FYI, this can happen as every browser has its own active memory limit. This can differ across devices but the general understanding is there’s an active memory limit of 2GB for each tab in a browser.

If you’re working with large files and libraries in Figma you may run into these limits.

To continue to use affected files, you will need to reduce your memory usage. This can involve splitting up large files, removing hidden layers, or reducing large assets.

You can find some tips in our article to reduce memory usage in files if this happens again: here

Hope it helps!