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Publish fails with multi-account

First off, I love the multi-account feature in Figma.
However, it causes Publishing shared library changes to frequently fail, which is a mystery box (no information, no prescriptive information to solve info).

Here’s the steps to reproduce:

  1. You must have multiple Figma accounts. Let’s call them A & B.
  2. Let’s say that Figma File 1 is owned by Account A and it has unpublished changes to a shared library.
  3. Use the account switcher to switch to be logged in to Account B.
  4. Open Figma File 1.
  5. Figma will usually prompt you to Publish changes.
  6. If you click on “Publish” or go to the asset sidebar to publish, The usual “Publishing changes…” dialog appears. It takes a good long while supposedly working and fails with “Publishing failed” message and NO REASON given.

This is aggravating because
a) Figma is prompting me to Publish Changes even though it’s in a state where it cannot do so.
b) It doesn’t explain why it failed. I’ve done this dozens of times before I figured out what is going on.

Please either:
a) make publish work in this use case
b) disallow publish in this use case (with some communication about why it can’t be done)
c) present a clear error message that helps users recognize and avoid future problems.


I’m not sure if the community will be able to help much here (other than sharing their own experience), so I would recommend reaching out to Figma support team as well.