Public link sharing for Prototypes

We are on an Enterprise Licence with Figma, and as part of trying to keep our Figma files secure to external access we have changed our settings so that any public link requires a password.

But we have now hit a snag where we have Designers trying to do unmoderated user testing from the Prototype screen which requires a public link so that our testing participants can jump straight in the prototype, however it seems that there is no differentiation between password options for the Figma file and the Prototype view.

It would be so useful to keep the Figma file secure, i.e. the link for the Figma file itself requires a password - but the prototype view can have a public link with no password, as participants are refusing to have to create a log-in just to do some testing.


This needs to be a feature implemented for unmoderated user testing especially - I recently had a number of participants drop-off the testing due to being confused about needing to create a Figma account to access a prototype - Participants NEED to be able to simply click on a link and be straight into a prototype. So as the feature request asks…

  1. If there is a way to keep the Figma file secure in the background
  2. Participants are able to simply click a link with no need for passwords or creating Figma accounts