Public libraries

Hey, I love the Phosphor Icons so much that I use them for most of my projects. However, the current flow is as follows:

  1. Go to the Figma community
  2. Find the Phosphor icons file
  3. Copy to your Drafts
  4. Move to the “Libraries” project (this is where I keep my libs)
  5. Publish library to my libraries
  6. Wait 15 minutes until ~5000 assets are compiled and synced

What if:

  1. Go to Figma community
  2. Find Phoshopor Icons file
  3. Add it your libraries :slight_smile:


  • super quick
  • convenient
  • fun
  • easier to keep up with updates


  • your own libraries can get messy (local/internal libraries and public ones)
  • any more ideas?


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