Prototyping using a Section doesn't update

To make a complex prototype with say, a left hand nav you can wrap an instance in a component, and then set up the prototype links to go to different frames in the proto.

This works great to manage where a single link in the main nav goes, and if you update it in the prototype it will update everywhere you used the main nav instance. Fantastic.

Enter using Sections. If you update the main nav to point to a Section however. It does not update the instances.

How to reproduce:
So if I have a link in a component called “calendar”. And I’m using that nav that contains the calendar link in 16 different frames. Calendar originally points to … Calendar - Day View.

Now say I have Calendar Day view, Week view, and Month view.

I want to maintain the state of the calendar, so I wrap all three of those into a Calendar Section. Awesome!

Now I go back to my main nav component and update the link to point to the calendar section, instead of Calendar - Day view. this should update all the instances in the other 16 frames… DOH, it doesn’t. All the instances still point to Calendar - Day View until I either reset the instance, or paste to replace it which means I need to reset overrides.

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