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Prototyping information is missing from the REST API

The only information that comes through in the rest API aound prototyping are these three properties:
transitionNodeIDString: Node ID of node to transition to in prototyping
transitionDurationNumber: duration of the prototyping transition on this node (in milliseconds)
transitionEasing - easing type

Everything else is missing:

  • event type
  • transition aninmation/direction
  • positioning of overlays

Also given a node can be given multiple interactions, they would have to be an array.

SO my question is are there plans to include the prototyping information in the REST API?

(Or perhaps I am missing something, and there is a way to do this?)

Yeah me too! That would be extremely useful.

There was a conversation about this a couple of years ago and someone from the team (@Karl_Jiang ) was saying it wouldn’t be too hard to add, but I’m wondering what happened in the meantime.

I dug back up the conversation in the old forum where this topic was being discussed: