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Prototyping Flows bug: flows stick to largest layout

I’m using prototyping Flows to demonstrate the difference between screens and how web content can get buried under the fold:

  • MBP with Default display setting (1400 x 760 layout)
  • MBP with More Space display setting (1500 x 1060 layout)

If I start the prototype from the Default flow, it’s the right size.

Once I view the More Space flow, the Default flow will also be the bigger size. It can’t switch back to its own size.



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It gets stuck for me too. My project is so big that I can’t identify what causes it. It’s a shame because I thought this feature would be great for navigating large files, it can be used as a table of contents.

I was really happy to see this feature as I have a big prototype depicting a mobile app and it’s useful to be able to structure the screens into sub flows, which can be accessed directly instead of clicking through 60 screens back and forward.
The Flows are displayed in the sidebar and after opening the prototype switching from one flow to the other works once but then it gets stuck. I’m wondering if there’s something I’ve done wrong or if it’s simply buggy at this point of time.