Prototyping - Creating a master Frame to allow multi designer work on prototyping and builds

Is there any way to do this below. The problem statement: we need to be able to continue working on interactive prototyping but problem is we take a frame and have to replace it if major changes occur, this can cause mass issues and the loss of prototyping interactions which take a lot of time to set up. especially its its finite and very iterative.

In sketch this is possible: You create a master symbol of an art board (which its with in another page of a sketch file and utilizing craft), once you create a variable (variant in figma terms) you then place that “copy frame/art board” in a new sketch file page, and iterate on the screen with hot spots. That way - say designer A is still working on a file but you Designer B wants to start protyping it will automatically update once they are done. this will allow you to do minor updates "moving hot spots, changing up minor components when necessary) Can… you do this with figma?

Is there any way to do this? I tried a master component of a frame but that didnt work. Its a unique issue we have here and I have no clue how to answer it

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