Prototyping arrow not working

Hello, I’m a newbie here :grinning: , while in the prototype tab I have been trying to connect one frame to another but the arrow is not connecting to a frame, by the way my frames are not locked.

Can you show the screenshot of your file including all panels when the object you are trying to connect is selected?

Its letting me connect the arrow to one frame but not the one that I want

There is no frame on the right — this screen doesn’t have a frame name at the top so it’s not wrapped in a frame:

okay i have the same problem arrows and lines can’t be prototyping and all of my screens are wrapped in frames pls help


Hello :slight_smile: I am new in the figma community and I am having the same issue. I was wondering if you could share how you you went from the first picture to the next (how do you wrap the arrow to the frame)??? Thank you so much in advance.

Select the frame tool and draw the frame around the arrow. Or you can draw the frame anywhere you want on the canvas and drag the arrow inside of it. Make sure it’s inside in the layers panel.


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