Prototyping: Allow multiple actions for a trigger

I agree…for example if you wanted to click a checkbox so you change from inactive to active properties on a component and but doing so also makes another button active you cannot do that without swapping the entire frame instead of variances of another component. If we could link multiple on-click interactions and swap variances/instances this would handle a wide range of interactions and would reduce all the duplication of frames. However, I am not talking about carbon copying what Axure does but it is very similar only much easier because of how easily you can chain interactions together in Figma.

This would literally be all you would need to create almost 90% of major interactions that I have seen in the field of UX. Other more complicated interactions I get may be outside the scope of this product but having the ability to have multiple on-click interactions on the same element/component would be a huge game changer. Instead of the hard work to fake an interaction or create a bunch of different frames.

+1 for this, please

Came here to request the same thing!

Tried to hack this with components and variants but simply if I can click an input field have it change state and also open an overlay (dropdown) the prototype experience would be massively improved.

Please! @Figma_Support

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+1 critical and basic feature - please at least let us know you hear us, figma

yes the lack of this feature is very annoying

I want to have the input text change and a keyboard popup at the same time. This would be perfect.

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+1 for this

+1 Also need this, missing this in Adobe XD

Yes! +1 Need this

I need this too! Im currently struggling with this and dont want to start all over again to have the animation

Need it also

Came here to see how to do this and found I couldn’t! I also need this feature!

This is so important, having such a difficult time finding workaround with this limitation. Often I need to change the click component and then change another part of the screen and navigate to is not sufficient.

Need this feature! I cannot properly prototype a fairly basic PDP or FAQ experience.
What I need to do:

Sticky TOC / jump nav bar – user clicks a link

  • Link changes to active state
  • “Scroll to” further down page
  • Collapsed accordion expands

I tried creating an interactive components hoping that the protoype set up at the component level would persist within the frame, BUT it doesn’t :cry: The “click” action in the frame overrides the component-level prototyping.

This is Figma-engineering. WHY would you not allow either multiple same actions or one action but resulting in many changes throughout different components… it’s like you were thinking of this idea and IMMEDIATELY this another idea would popup and being a developer or a project manager of Figma, you would generally want it in the next release ASAP. BUT NO…


I used Axure for prototyping at my last job, and I cannot even begin to express how much I miss the power of that tool. I’m not sure you can even call Figma a prototyping application with all of the crazy limitations.


Please fix this!
I would like to have “mouse enter/hover” to show a popup/overlay
And “click” to navigate to another frame.