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Prototype Performance Issues

Since I started using the Interactive Components Beta, the performance of my prototypes seems nearly unusable.

The interactions are delayed and transitions between artboards is so slow that the smart animations barely work.

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I had similar experience

I see main usefulness of variable interactions when I want to look on prototype on different states (hover, pressed …etc.) to make sure my UI have ‘good’ feel…
but the problem is that when you have bigger project it is extremely SLOW and delayed…

I don’t think that designers like me who create big projects (in number of objects and their interactions per screen) is Figma’s main business target ( I think they may prefer ‘small applications’ guys) but I think it will be useful to mention to Figma Team…because as much as Figma doesn’t have real competition now I imagine this weak prototype performance could be thing that could bring Figma down if someone will do it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, Figma’s team mention that expected behavior here. The best way to test (until they launch the final version) is on small projects.