Prototype pages indicator interferes with actual prototype buttons


I have a prototype with a fixed bottom bar with CTA buttons, but when I play the prototype, the pages indicator intereferes with the prototype and I cannot click on the CTA buttons.

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 15.58.08

I hid the Figma UI, but:

  1. it hides everything including the flows which are important
  2. the message to show the Figma UI again takes forever to disappear

Is there any other way to show/hide on demand the pages? It seems a pretty common use case to have something fixed at the bottom with primary actions.

If you change your zoom level to ‘fit’ it should solve this problem. Although changing the zoom level might impact your prototype experience in other ways.

Thank you Alborz for the reply.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the problem. I have both on top and bottom fixed bars and the content needs to scroll.

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 4.24.34 PM

I just double checked. Changing the zoom level to ‘fit’ moves the bottom of the screen above the page picker and it should solve your problem.

As I said, I have both on top and botton fixed bars and the content needs to scroll. The “fit” might move the screen above the page picker but it also shows the whole page and the content cannot be scrolled.

I see the problem. You can try using this method to make your content scrollable instead of making the page taller:

With this approach, you can make sure all of your pages are the same height in the design file and in the prototype. then setting the zoom level to Fit, will no longer interfere.

I had read about this feature long time ago, but never actually tried it, so now it seems the perfect opportunity.

Thank you very much, Alborz, for taking the time to help me.