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Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode

Hi! I have a problem in presentation mode. How to solve it?

Yeah agreed, this isn’t a solution for people that are using prototypes to user test, especially unmoderated. 2/3 of my participants experienced this same issue yesterday. Please solve.

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If you are using chrome for presentation view. Click a new tab and type chrome://flags and enter. check for “ANGLE graphics backend” change from default to either OpenGL or D3D9. I hope this solves your problem.

Use firefox, It worked for me

This worked for me, I’m using Figma software for windows 10 just right clicks the figma shortcut and click on properties then under shortcut tab look for target and past --use-angle=d3d11 after a space then restart the software everything is back to normal!

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Gonna close the topic as there seems to be no more useful replies. The solution is here: Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode - #2 by Gleb

If you want to report a bug, this forum is not the place: bugs should be reported to Figma support team via the bug report form.