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Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode

I’m using the desktop app
Please, I didn’t understand the first step you mentioned “Go to the properties of the Figma shortcut (right-click on the icon → “Properties” → “Shortcut” tab)”

Right click the Figma icon like this:


When run the prototype presentation, the frame android image, does not fit with the telephone frame on the presentation, it is crazy because the links for the buttons are actually on the right place, but the image is just not well displayed on the back ground. how can I fix this?
Now I know is not only my problem because I saw someone post similar issue with the image problem post onseptember 4th. but they close the case after 30 day with NO answers.

Actually disabling hardware acceleration will slow down Figma.

Disabling hardware acceleration might slow down Figma.

Encoutered this same problem but it can be solved by using Figma on a Firefox browser. The only problem is that your client may not be using Firefox.

Thanks man!

No puedo ver el prototipo, los wireframe salen todos defasados en figma de escritorio, en figma web y en figma mirroror

same probelm. i can only play the presentation mode in Firefox and it sucks!
why isn’t there a solution for that?