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Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode

Im getting a strange issue where my black underline in my search bar gets distorted when the presentation is set to Fit – Scale Down to Fit Below

However, when I set my size to 100% – Display at Full Size the bar isn’t distorted

I had a project for an online course I am taking. I did all my work using the Figma desktop app. When I reviewed the prototype it looked fine. I shared it with a classmate and he said it was distorted and sent me a screenshot. He said others in the class have the same problem. When I opened the Figma file in a browser it was not ok it was also distorted. Is there something wrong with the Figma desktop app? Should I only use Figma through a browser? Which browser? Thanks

hi! can anyone help me?
when i try to run the app i get the error:

I solved this problem here. In the browser configs, disable the hardware acceleration and done :slight_smile:

good evening
please i have a problem that i can’t move when i launch the preview on figma i have a part of the right screen that is completely in black i don’t know what to do please help me.

При переходе в прототипирование происходит смещение и увеличение экрана телефона.Нижние кнопки при этом отображаются правильно и работают. Верхние
кнопки смещены. при клике экрана отображаются только контуры кнопок где они дожны находиться, но они работают. Подскажите. из за чего сдвигается экран во
всех прототипах!

Отключил в Google Chrome аппаратное ускорение. В декстопной версии прототип показывает криво, а в браузере нормально. Спасибо за совет

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I have the same problem

ok thanks i’ll try it

The presentation play mode works well on my phone but appears chopped up and partially stretched on my desktop PC (Chrome browser running Windows 10). I’ve check on Microsoft Edge browser and it’s the same. Any ideas? See attached…

I have the same problem
did you solve it?

Awesome! this worked. thanks

It worked for me too. Another alternative that also works in Chrome is to disable hardware acceleration.

How do I fix this?
The prototype black screen from PC

I am created design in figma but when i am show the design in any devices then design not show properly?

  1. My Sample Design

  2. View Design using all option but not fit in devices
    Screenshot (2)

Worked for me in Chrome and app. Thanks, mate!

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I have created new files and used templates but that zoom still appears no matter what I do.
I have also tried on other computers, I don’t know if I changed any settings in my account or if it is a figma error.
I need help. What can I do?

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it work. Thank you so much for helping.

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