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Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode


It worked but still facing the problem with Figma software

Thank you so much. Its worked. but How to do the same thing in figma software @Al_Mahdi

You might have to wait for an update, which solves this issue. Until then use the web app.

I am a newbie and i did try to make a splash screen by watching step by step on youtube but i can do nothing to see the full screen. It just show a half of it.
Please help me.
Thank you so much for your responds

@Md_Hasan, @santosh, don’t know if it helps , but you can start Figma with the --use-angle=d3d11 flag. You can see an example here:

Only instead of the --disable-gpu-compositing flag, use --use-angle=d3d11.

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@tank666 Thank you so much. Its worked. :pray:

Hi everyone when I preview my prototype it does not show on full screen. Please how do I fix this?. Thanks

I was facing the SAME problem with Chrome. Now I tried to open the prototype with Firefox and it worked !!! :heart_eyes:
Hope it works for you too :blush:

Thanks a ton! It worked for me :slight_smile:

It helps! thank you!!!
I changed from D3D9 to D3D11 and everything works fine now

my prototypes are being squeezed weirdly in the chosen frame. I’ve tried using 3 browsers and the figma desktop app. still same. any fix?

thanks, bro. it’s worked

use firefox for testing prototype

Hello i came with this problem, the presentation mode was broken… !
Capture d’écran 2021-08-05 à 15.54.52|690x363

I finally found how to fixe my problem, it maybe will solve your.
I just change the custom size of the device (from 500px → desktop size)

I hope it will help you !

Capture d’écran 2021-08-05 à 15.55.13

Capture d’écran 2021-08-05 à 15.56.19

Im getting a strange issue where my black underline in my search bar gets distorted when the presentation is set to Fit – Scale Down to Fit Below

However, when I set my size to 100% – Display at Full Size the bar isn’t distorted

I had a project for an online course I am taking. I did all my work using the Figma desktop app. When I reviewed the prototype it looked fine. I shared it with a classmate and he said it was distorted and sent me a screenshot. He said others in the class have the same problem. When I opened the Figma file in a browser it was not ok it was also distorted. Is there something wrong with the Figma desktop app? Should I only use Figma through a browser? Which browser? Thanks

hi! can anyone help me?
when i try to run the app i get the error:

I solved this problem here. In the browser configs, disable the hardware acceleration and done :slight_smile:

good evening
please i have a problem that i can’t move when i launch the preview on figma i have a part of the right screen that is completely in black i don’t know what to do please help me.