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Prototype hotspots working for iOS but not Android

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue with a prototype of mine on Android - but it seems to work fine on iOS.

Basically on some animation types (smart animate and overlays) on android i seem to have to long press for it to work. However on iOS I have no issues with it whatsoever and all works as normal. My prototype is set to iPhone 11 and the interaction is “tap”.

Any help on this would be much appreciated as I’ve tested this on two android devices and the same problem occurs.



Hi Nathan,

I’ve been experiencing the same problem, although it doesn’t happen with all my interactions. I have no animations; simple tap interactions linking to another page. I see a lot of blue flickering things, even when I turn off the hotspots, like the entire page is linking to something, but I can’t find it in my design file. Works fine on iPhone/Safari

Hope someone can help!

Facing the same issue here. Is there a quick workaround for this?

Same issue here

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this issue, since this sounds like a bug can you please contact our support team via the in-app help widget or by emailing

Please also share access to an example file with so we can investigate further.


For a temporary workaround, we found the prototype to be working fine on Firefox on Android.


Hey all - I am also running into the same problem.

We’re running usability tests for both iOS and Android - and all of the prototypes work fine on my phone (iPhone 8) - but when we’ve been testing android users (with the hot spots are still being seen (and I have them disabled - confirmed w/ hotspot-hints=0&hide-ui=1) and some of the On tap - Navigate to hot spots aren’t working. Mainly around the top left hamburger menu.


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I also see the entire screen flashing on my Pixel 3 and it happens on Samsung, too. Hotspots are going to a different screen on a couple of occasions (in Chrome) even though they are linked up correctly. It was working fine when I created the prototype but a week later these bugs have appeared. I’ll report a bug to Figma support

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Hello. After the last update in the prototype on android, when clicking on the screen (on tap), a double click is triggered (2 screens are scrolled instead of one). There is no such bug in iOS devices. And figma mirror for asndroid also does not have such an error, but I need a demonstration in the browser.

Android - Chrome browser - one tap = 2 taps (1 → 3 → 5)

Hey y’all! Sorry for the inconvenience. We just turned off a setting for everyone that should hopefully fix the issue immediately if you refresh your prototypes. Please let us know if this persists!


Hey Matthew,
I’ve just try again after you say. It looks like to be fixed for my Android device. I’ve tested on figma beta app and chrome as well and its working great.
Thanks for your support

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Now everything works fine in chrome for android. Thank you.

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