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Prototype crashing for anyone in Google Chrome?

I’m user testing my prototype with an unmoderated usability test on User Zoom. 3 of the 9 testers opened the prototype with no issues but then it crashed on them when they started using the prototype. The testers were all using Google Chrome. My assumption is that Google Chrome is running out of virtual memory and crashing.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any idea how to fix this?


How big is the prototype?
Also do you happen to know any more info for the 3 users it crashed on. Were they all using the same OS, device, etc.? Are you able to reproduce it at all?

I’m having the same issue but didn’t get any help so far. Did you?

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+1 Tired of these constant problems with large prototypes. If there are any restrictions on the size, the number of layers or components should be reported to the user - in this case we could know in advance about possible problems with the prototype

me too