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Prototype Crashes on iOS Browser

I designed a website project and i actually compressed all the photos before i start managing the prototype (link page to page). I also uses component library from the start of the project. I checked whether there is any hidden layer that is removable to decrease the file size. At the end i tried to save as local file (.fig) and i ended up with 88,8mb file size.

Then i test the prototype on my Android phone (pixel 4 xl), everything went well and no issue. Then i test it again on my iPhone (iphone 12 mini), the issue show up right away. It keeps crashing and refreshing multiple times, it became an useless prototype. I also test it on another iphone (iphone 11 pro max, and i phone 11 pro). The issue persists. I googled it, and find some folks have the same issue but no workaround. I need this prototype working because most of our clients are iphone users. Maybe anyone can help here?

P.S : i also include the resources used

Figma team definitely needs to hear about this issue, you can reach out to them via or the support request form.

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