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Prototype crashes after loading on iPhone, how to fix this?

+1 This is a big problem. The same in the desktop browser Safari

I have the same problem

I have the same problem :frowning:
Test device: iPhone 8

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Since this issue I’ve had contact with Figma support and their only solution is to reduce the file size. My file was crashing because it was consuming a lot of memory (I had a lot of hidden layers and component/auto-layout structures).

Would love to see this issue fixed, because now it costs me double the work while using auto layout and other stuff while it should reduce my efforts…

p.s. disabling the interactive components feature also helped a lot


Not sure why but it actually works well on Android than on iPhone. I have experienced the problems before and usually when open on iPhone, it kept crashing and needed to reload. However on Android there was no problem at all.

So if you do usability test with Figma protoype, you can do it on Android for now

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Also having this issue, I wish I noticed or tested this on the device before spending days on a prototype. :hot_face:

Same issue here. Please resolve this.

same issue!! please fix it

Same issue here… We had to turn down our user test because the prototype always crashed on the participants device…

I had the same issue. It’s working fine on my iPad so I think it could be a caching / memory issue on iPhone ( 11 Pro Max ). I closed all my open windows / tabs in safari on iPhone, then restarted the phone. It seems to be working for now, but not sure if just temporary until memory fills up.

I think there is a correlation with interactive components also. It seems that adding ones with hover states creates the issue ( am re-using desktop components, but might try building separate mobile components ).

update… the issue does fix itself by rebooting the phone, but after a while you may come back to it, and it crashes. a quick reboot will fix it. It’s not ideal, but may be a workaround for testing purposes.

update 2… Firefox browser on iPhone seems to be a bit more stable, but still requiries a reboot after a while.

Hi all, after about three hours of digging around, I found Loom screen recorder. I recorded myself going through the prototype and then embedded the video in my portfolio. My case study doesn’t crash at this point in time when viewing on my phone. Hope this helps.

+1 this is extremely frustrating. I did not have issues with this before switching to Figma.

Hi all, we’re digging into this problem a bit further. Would any of you be happy to share a link to the file/prototype that’s causing issues so we can investigate?


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Hi @Robert_Bye i’m dealing with this issue now as well. can i provide you a link too? as you can imagine, it’s rather maddening to spend weeks on a business critical prototype that just won’t work on any iphone browser. i too have reduced file sizes, minimized use of smartanimate (believe i’m following the rules and best practices).

this doesn’t happen on android.

reported here too:

Hi @Ron_Matana if you could, that would be fantastic! Thanks so much

gracias @Robert_Bye. believe i shared it via direct message. first time doing so…so lmk if i bungled it.

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All received through! Just dropped you a reply to help me get access

Hi guys has there been a update for this, please?

Facing the same issue, tried duplicating all screens to a new figma file. Still having the same problem that the prototype is not working on iOS.

Hey Robert, I am facing the same problem and can share the prototype link with you. How do I share it?

Hi @Robert_Bye do you also know how to restart a prototype from a mobile browser? Is there a shortcut we can use?